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Regardless of your answer to that question… THE ANSWER IS YES OF COURSE YOU CAN! The best thing about it is there are no parts of organising an event you have to do on your own! The No.1 amazing thing with lifesaving is the volume of volunteers eagerly wanting to get involved; maybe with the organising or just on the day of event! The speed series events such as the Yorkshire Speed Lifesaving Championships has been package and awaiting for an organising group or person to use.  We aim to continue the push to develop the competition structure in the UK. This event isn’t a secret we would even share our finances! We are eagerly encouraging groups or individual to come on board and run an event under the speed lifesaving series receiving full support. Don’t get misguided organising an event is a huge task but it is achievable. Working with us and the governing bodies couldn’t be easier the information and help s is all available. Maybe organising an event yourself isn’t suitable especially as it has large responsibilities and time consuming; you may be interested in joining an organising group instead to help us our take on roles pre-event and on the day. Getting involved is what keeps the sport growing, all you need to do is get in touch if you have interest however small it may be let us know… we would love to have a chat!
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