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Following in the footsteps of the Yorkshire Speeds we promise to make our events as accessible as possible. One of the BIGGEST barriers to participation in events can come down to ££££££££££ :'(   With UK Lifesaving Speed Series events… Do you need to have pre-requisite awards?     …NO Do you need to pay extra fees to the Speed Series?     …NO Do you have to to pay huge entry Fees?     …NO   So what do you actually need?     …All we require is a governing body membership and you’re good to go! Maybe you have friends who would like to compete and try out our sport! We’ve removed the hurdles allowing anyone to enter at ease! You may wonder how we can run these events at such a huge value for money??? That’s simple and also deserves a huge thanks and appreciation to every volunteer that gives up their time and effort voluntary! – THANK YOU!   In addition to the financial barriers the UK Speed Series ensures its events are accessible for any age, gender and more importantly skill level. It may be your first ever speed lifesaving event! You may be an experienced athlete! We design our events to suit and benefit all.
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