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Meet The Clubs

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All clubs who have participated in a UK Lifesaving Speed Series event are listed here! We have information on all of them including: Social media Club Websites Contact Emails Training Venue Club & Training information Check out our map showing where they all are!!!

Lifesaving Calendar

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UK’s Most Comprehensive Calendar! Ever lose track of upcoming events or not know where to find the date and details!? Or maybe you’ve even missed an important entry Deadline! We have you covered! We will work as hard as we can to keep this calendar up to date with the latest Event announcements! So make this your go to place for calendar dates! We

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Speed Series Promise to Overcoming Participation Barriers

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Following in the footsteps of the Yorkshire Speeds we promise to make our events as accessible as possible. One of the BIGGEST barriers to participation in events can come down to ££££££££££ :'(   With UK Lifesaving Speed Series events… Do you need to have pre-requisite awards?     …NO Do you need to pay extra fees to the Speed Series?     …NO Do you

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